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An instant landmark of its genre

Los Angeles Times

Even the actors seem worn out by the ridiculousness of this sequel

Hollywood Reporter

Ripley TV Show


Imagine that this is a Minghella film, stretched over 8 episodes, but in a neo-noir style. Gorgeous, but too detailed, and it’s good that it’s in black and white, otherwise it would blind you with its beauty. Scott can only be praised for his duality "according to Caravaggio,” but the rest of the characters are inferior to their prototypes. Translated to English

Scott seems to have been surprised by how far movie's funniness would take it


The first Aquaman maintains a balance of seriousness and fantasy, this one veers into cartoonish territory


Ripley TV Show


I liked it, it’s interesting to watch but not everyone will like it, Andrew Scott plays well! Apparently they decided to make all the episodes in black and white to look like a period movie, but you probably won’t want to watch it again; nevertheless, the best film adaptation will remain "The Talented Mr. Ripley" from 1999 Translated to English



It looks easy, holds attention, fits into the overall story of a predator, and is very watchable Translated to English

Moving TV Show

Mubing, 2023

What an irony: one of the bloodiest Korean creations came from under the wing of Disney. Korean meat mixes with rom-com, melodrama, drama, teen comedy, gangster and spy thriller, action and science fiction. And such a cocktail also has a non-linear story – it works Translated to English

Dance First


An attempt to put together a Beckett biopic in the style of his plays: with a fair amount of irony and absurdity. It’s a pity, it’s executed with a C: here it’s underplayed, there it’s screwed up, here there’s ignorance, and there there’s a lack of audacity and imagination. The idea is great, but the film itself is, alas, a graveyard of missed opportunities. And it was so close! Translated to English

The Taste of Things

La passion de Dodin Bouffant, 2023

Interesting in terms of food, but drawn out in terms of plot. Anyone who loves cooking programs will be delighted. Translated to English

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