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Insidious: The Red Door


Why was this part needed? Only marketers can answer this question) Translated to English

You’re Killing Me


Conventions can kill. There are many assumptions and conventions in the film, which if removed, the film immediately breaks down. A lot of clichés accompanying the genre and strange decisions of the heroes. The only positive thing is that there are nice actors who play well and that’s all. The ingredients are bad and the product is consistent. Translated to English



Everything is quite linear, abrupt and not particularly new. Even Homelander didn’t incinerate anyone with his eyes . But the guy is a good guy, he can do acting. Translated to English

It is ridiculous, but presented with likable humour and brio

The Guardian

The Marsh King’s Daughter


A solidly made, believable middle-of-the-road thriller about childhood trauma. The main role was a success. Good choice for the evening. Translated to English

Lessons in Chemistry TV Show

2023 — ...

Nice, emotional, girly… The story is fabulous, but consisting of completely real-life situations that could happen both now and in the past. There is an emphasis on the spirit of the times, but I’m on board with this, and the main theme – the story of a woman, her losses and gains – was a success and looks seamless. Translated to English

Oppenheimer Top 500


The first half of the film feverishly jumps along time lines, spitting out dozens of famous names and pretentious phrases for the trailer at the viewer, then a gorgeous test scene occurs, an explosion of emotions detonates, and the final third sprinkles the radioactive ashes of a sluggish legal drama. Translated to English

The bits of absurd comedy feel strained, because they clash with the utilitarian tone


Chernyy dvor TV Show

2023 — ...

This series had to be released after the "Brigade", so that the "even" boys would understand that when you follow the example of TV bandits, you will most likely grab them by the cheek. A scary, well-staged story of one crime with rare notes of a strange actress. But they swear like in real life! Translated to English

Pain Hustlers


I would also sell something else, I would be "the best seller of the year" until I get tired of it. In pharmaceuticals, you can get imprisoned for this. Probably, people from nowhere without experience and skills can quickly advance there precisely because experienced sales people are aware of all the risks. Translated to English

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