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Orphan: First Kill


A ridiculous start, but a more or less interesting ending, despite being a little predictable. In the actress, of course, an adult girl is already too readable Translated to English

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners TV Show Top 500


Much more touching than the original. The music is excellent, part is used from the original, + one bomb playing at the end. With 18+, IMHO they go too far, naked netraners are something with something, although pleasant, but it seems not to be canonical. Well, add the local Lucy in cyber, pliz Translated to English

Bullet Train


I like these ironic action movies with intertwining storylines and tough bad guys. Translated to English

Euphoria TV Show Top 500

2019 — ...

Billie Eilish from the world of TV series. Non-linear narrative looks more important than drama. Generally not enthusiastic about Zendaya, too beautiful for an experienced drug addict, too indifferent for the main role. Translated to English

Books of Blood


Neither bad nor good. There are depressing moments, thanks for the (almost) lack of «jumpskers». At the beginning, even the hints of the inherent theme of the mix of sex / fear / blood were pleased with Barker, but something was quickly blown away. It’s like a disappointment date 🤷‍♀️ Translated to English

It’s is dense with exposition, but also manages to nail down the mystical poetry of the universe

Vanity Fair

The Exorcism of God


Priests, nuns, muchachos, all mixed up in a heap. Diablo is going to inherit the earth. +1 for the infernal Jesus. Translated to English

Jungle Cruise


A two-hour journey along the river Styx with its permanent inhabitants on board and on land. Translated to English

The movie proves that there’s life in any horror franchise if you stick to what makes the central creature fascinating

The Wrap

Coming 2 America


A light satire on modern realities, but overall the film is rather weak. Translated to English

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