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Land of Bad


Another shootout about how Americans valiantly fight for democracy and freedom of America somewhere thousands of kilometers from America) There is zero plot, there are fewer fights and shootings than in other similar good films, I’ll give a point for Crowe. But it was boring, I didn’t worry for a minute. Translated to English

Road House


It’s unlikely that it was needed, a remake of an old movie, which looks like a representative of a completely different art form. Well, or like McGregor and stuntmen in the roles of other bad guys. Different leagues. The pumped-up Gyllenhaal has nothing to play here. Just beautiful fights at the edge of the surf, not a film Translated to English

Once Upon a Studio


It’s nice to see a bunch of favorite characters from childhood once again in something new, even if it’s so little. Even the voices of deceased actors brought in Robin Williams ‍ in the role of the Genie from Aladdin ‍ and here too, while this is his last work, most likely it will remain so. Translated to English

Parasyte: The Grey TV Show

Gisaengsu: Deo Geurei, 2024 — ...

All the tension was reduced to nothing, and the plot moved away from the story of an alien invasion into a boring half-detective, half-thriller; there is little left of horror here Translated to English


Perempuan tanah jahanam, 2019

A good start, with a good mix of fear and laughter. Real people, a convincing atmosphere, well known to the Russian audience (a trip to the village by bus is a great entry point for horror). Alas, the further we go, the worse the script is, but thank you at least for these valuable moments. Translated to English

The Adam Project


It’s just stamps, stamps, stamps, sk stamps, ska! The script and production are so crude and cheap that after viewing you need to ventilate the room. While the pies were hot after "Freak Guy", the tandem decided to repeat his success, although he had some chances until the 35th minute. Translated to English

Land of Bad


American soldiers do nothing but save random civilians from terrorists in all corners of the planet at the cost of their own lives. A ridiculous movie where they forgot to invite a military consultant. Even as a stupid shooter it looks bad. 1 point for R. Crow with vegan cheese. Translated to English

South Park: Joining the Panderverse


A great continuation of the cult series. The wit, satire and topical themes are again at their best. A spectacle for fans and great entertainment. Translated to English

The first Aquaman maintains a balance of seriousness and fantasy, this one veers into cartoonish territory



Vanskabte land, 2022

"As a child, my mother told me that the King of Denmark was an ordinary man. She told me that when I grow up I will also become a man… I always thought that I would become the king of Denmark…" Translated to English

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