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Hunter Hunter


This is how naughty maniacs should be punished, they can only understand the language of pain, and in general, an interesting story about life in the wilderness can be looked at at your leisure. Translated to English

Writer-director Rian Johnson, whose timing and satirical targets have once again proved utterly uncanny

Washington Post

The best adaptation of a video-game ever made: one that deepens the game’s dystopian lore, while staying true to its emotional core.

Empire Magazine

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions


The tests are exciting, but that’s about it. Instead of revealing the corporate side of the process: where did the budget for the tasks come from, who builds the quests, how the feds turn a blind eye to the staged deaths of the losers; brought the family drama of fathers and daughters. Translated to English



However, it is not an easy and thorny path to climb the Olympus of glory in the porn industry. Don’t envy the actresses. Pretty good movie, but the ending ruined the experience. Translated to English

Godfather of Harlem TV Show

2019 — ...

A worthy series about the mafia, where people of the word have always remained who they are! But I was expecting a slightly different ending. I’m waiting for the second season. Translated to English

The Little Things


With the popularity of the local caste, it is obvious who is friend and who is foe. At the same time, the finale does not dot the «i», and the moment with the red hairpin becomes clear until the moment it is revealed. But at the same time, intrigue and tension remain in the air. Rating – 7, pulled out almost by the ears. Translated to English

The Woman in the Window


Yes, a very weak story, the film was disappointing. How many Amy Adams outplayed «women on the verge of a nervous breakdown», one might say, she ate a dog), but then she just stalled … Although it’s not her fault, kanesh, but the authors, and that’s all for the second time, there were already such films. Translated to English

This isn’t just a breakthrough video game adaptation. It’s a really great show.

San Francisco Chronicle

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Top 500


Finally, animation has reached the point where you can make cartoons cartoons again. The visual surpasses even Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The plot is simple, but good and correct. The characters are great and the emotions are well conveyed. Tons of humor, fanservice and references. Delight! Translated to English

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