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    Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

    SERIES (19952000)

    Runtime 22 min
    Premiere: World March 24, 1997
    channel HBO
    Premiere: USA March 12, 1995
    Production Companies Home Box Office (HBO)Hyperion PicturesTwo Oceans Entertainment Group ...


    Multicultural versions of many of your favorite fairy tales. Such as «The Princess and the Pea» and «The Three Little Pigs».
    3 seasons, 40 episodes 14 hr 40 min
    s1: e1— Season 1, Episode 1  

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    March 26, 1995
    s1: e2— Season 1, Episode 2  

    Little Red Riding Hood

    March 26, 1995
    s1: e3— Season 1, Episode 3  

    Hansel and Gretel

    March 26, 1995
    s1: e4— Season 1, Episode 4  

    The Emperor’s New Clothes

    April 2, 1995
    s1: e5— Season 1, Episode 5  


    April 9, 1995
    s1: e6— Season 1, Episode 6  

    The Frog Prince

    April 16, 1995
    s1: e7— Season 1, Episode 7  

    Sleeping Beauty

    April 23, 1995
    s1: e8— Season 1, Episode 8  


    April 23, 1995
    s1: e9— Season 1, Episode 9  

    The Vallant Little Tailor

    April 23, 1995
    s1: e10— Season 1, Episode 10  


    April 30, 1995
    s1: e11— Season 1, Episode 11  

    Beauty and the Beast

    May 21, 1995
    s1: e12— Season 1, Episode 12  

    Snow White

    May 28, 1995
    s1: e13— Season 1, Episode 13  

    The Princess and the Pea

    June 4, 1995

    Сast and Crew

    Home media

    Most episodes of Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child were released on VHS by Random House Home Video, and, later HBO Home Video, but only a few episodes were released on DVD. There was one DVD with four episodes ("Pinocchio", "The Pied Piper", "The Golden Goose", and "Mother Goose: A Rapping and Rhyming Special") and one DVD with only one episode ("Robinita Hood"). In the United Kingdom, there are four DVDs with three episodes on each.

    All 39 episodes are streaming on HBO Max.

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