Movie "Blood & Donuts" (1995)

    Movie's ratings

    " There’s a place between the living and the dead… and it’s open 24 hours."
    Runtime 1 hr 29 min
    Budget CAD 350 000
    Production Companies Téléfilm CanadaOntario Film Development CorporationThe Feature Film Project...The CRB FoundationDaban Films
    Also Known As
    Coeur de vampire (Canada)


    A vampire falls for a woman working at a donut shop.

    Сast and Crew


    A vampire named Boya is awakened from his sleep by a golf ball. He has not been awake since 1969, and marvels at his new surroundings. He does not feed on humans but instead on rats and animals. He meets up with a cab driver who is in trouble with some criminals, and a female donut shop worker who gets stuck in the middle. Befriending them both, and slowly falling in love with Molly, they take on each other's problems. He tries to protect them, but also endangers them by drawing the attention of an ex-lover from decades past who hasn't stopped looking for him in 25 years.

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