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    Killers of the Flower Moon (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film)

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    • 1 Robbie Robertson(Intro) The Sacred Pipe 0:39
    • 2 Robbie RobertsonOsage Oil Boom 2:51
    • 3 Robbie RobertsonMy Land...My Land 2:11
    • 4 Robbie RobertsonHeartbeat Theme/ Ni-U-Kon-Ska 3:34
    • 5 Robbie RobertsonThey Don't Live Long 2:55
    • 6 Robbie RobertsonThe Wedding 2:05
    • 7 Robbie RobertsonTribal Council 1:13
    • 8 Robbie RobertsonReign of Terror 2:51
    • 9 Robbie RobertsonInsulin Train 2:50
    • 10 Robbie RobertsonTulsa Massacre Newsreel 2:24
    • 11 Robbie RobertsonShame on Us 2:42
    • 12 Robbie RobertsonToo Much Dynamite 2:56
    • 13 Robbie RobertsonNot if it's Illegal 2:47
    • 14 Robbie RobertsonSalvation Adagio 3:11
    • 15 Robbie RobertsonStill Standing 3:48
    • 16 Rayna Gellert, Kieran Kane, Philip Jamison & David MansfieldTupelo Blues 2:54
    • 17 Vince Giordano & NighthawksLivery Stable Blues 1:55
    • 18 Adam NielsenThe Gallop, Chasse, Pas de Bourree 0:37
    • 19 Vince Giordano & NighthawksMetropolis (A Blue Fantasie) 2:11
    • 20 Andy SteinMollie 0:21
    • 21 Osage Tribal SingersWahzhazhe (A Song for My People) 6:26


    Runtime 3 hr 28 min
    Budget $200 000 000 99
    Premiere: World $155 521 684 October 8, 2023
    USA $66 921 684
    Other countries $88 600 000
    Box Office – Budget – $44 478 316
    Premiere: USA $66 921 684 October 20, 2023
    first day $9 401 256
    first weekend $23 253 655
    rollout 52 days
    Digital: World December 5, 2023
    Parental Advisory Frightening & Intense Scenes, Violence & Gore, Profanity, ...
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Violence & Gore


    • Profanity


    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


    Production Companies Appian WaySikelia ProductionsImperative Entertainment...Apple StudiosApple TV+Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
    Also Known As
    Gray Horse (United States)


    When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one — until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.

    Сast and Crew


    Members of the Osage tribe in northeastern Oklahoma are murdered under mysterious circumstances in the 1920s, sparking a major FBI investigation directed by a 29-year-old J. Edgar Hoover and former Texas Ranger Tom White, described by Grann as "an old-style lawman."

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    The film is great, but a little long. Everyone mentions DiCaprio, but for me, number 1 here is De Niro Translated to English


    A true classic movie in all its essence. The film is literally from another era, from another time, even though it is being released now. A true portal to the years when quality cinema prevailed. Lily deserves an award for her acting, and Leo has a character similar to "Gilbert Grape" Translated to English

    The best performance of Leonardo DiCaprio’s entire career



    It’s so… It’s drawn out. Yes, Leo and the others will act out, but the plot is not a mystery. A film for once, maybe not in the cinema. Something like Openheimer. Translated to English


    Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio. Robert DeNiro. Based on real events, namely about the Osage tribe. Crimes here are only prerequisites for the drama of human hearts and the development of complex human relationships. An exciting and beautiful film that will not leave you indifferent. Translated to English


    I only liked the first three months of this film, where Gladstone, looking like Mordyukova, confidently outplays Leo, who very accurately portrays a rotten onion. Scorsese atones for the collective guilt of villainy against the Indians; the viewer is forced to atone for her with torment in the hall. Translated to English


    Unlike the equally long "The Irishman,” the movie is completely empty. Events follow one after another, but there seems to be no meaning, other than the obvious conflict between the whites and the Indians. Acting work according to Tinkov: "doubtful, but ok." The soundtrack is also almost more boring than in the last "Batman". Translated to English


    A tragic epic from Mr. Scorsese in the Western genre. With powerful performances from DiCaprio and Gladstone, brilliant direction by the master and guitar music by Robbie Robertson. I think that this role of DiCaprio will go down in history. Genocide, oil, money – a great movie in every sense. Translated to English


    In my opinion one of the best films of 2023. Leo and De Niro are beyond praise. Gladstone feels sorry for the entire film. For 3 hours 28 minutes you are immersed in the cruel, but such an atmospheric world created by Scorsese. Until the last moment you hope for the best and humanity. Great job! Bravo! Be human! Translated to English

    Monumental stuff. Both vast and intimate in scope. Exceptional filmmaking, by an exceptional filmmaker.



    The film has the same problem as Oppenheimer’s – an unrealistically long running time. The pluses are many important details and a non-standard intriguing plot in the spirit of Scorsese. Far from the director’s best picture and not Leo’s best role, he is top as always, but here DeNiro pulled out more Translated to English

    There’s probably an Oscar for Best Actress here. (I wonder if Native Americans ever received an award in this category?) Translated to English


    A story about stupidity, greed and how weak character and lack of will can lead to great tragedy. A beautiful shell, wonderful actors, but simple emptiness inside. Just a good story that doesn’t offer anything interesting or new… and yes, 3.5 hours could have been reduced Translated to English


    With big money comes great responsibility. There will always be those who want to take them away without skimping even on the most expensive ones. Translated to English


    Killers of the flower moon is a very difficult picture, some people will do anything for money, it’s always not enough for them, maybe they are sick. Translated to English


    The film is set against the backdrop of an unjust and violent time in American history, and it does a great job of conveying the fear and distrust that was present at the time. While the film is a fictionalized version of events, it is based on real historical research.

    Scorsese brought together his favorites De Niro and DiCaprio into one film, a must-see! Translated to English


    Oil. Money. Blood. A great movie about a dark page in American history. It is striking that all the events in the film are real facts. A love story – without love. An ending that leaves a lump in the throat. For us it was a movie for the evening, for them then it was life in chilling fear. Translated to English


    The film is about cruelty and violence, about the fact that for the sake of money people make cold calculations. About how you can ruin people’s destinies without having your own opinion, obeying and succumbing to manipulation. Translated to English

    The three-and-a-half-hour running time is fully justified in an escalating tragedy that never loosens its grip

    Hollywood Reporter


    An interesting story, well filmed and well acted. Yes, long, but even, without sagging or tightness Translated to English


    Gladstone is magnificent with her much-talking silence and helpless grandeur. It’s as if Luna outshines the unemotionally greyish DiCaprio here, the chic but formulaic (as if cut from other films) De Niro and the inexpressive role of Plemons, unworthy of his talent. Translated to English