Movie "A Matter of Life" (2019)

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    Das Menschenmögliche

    Runtime 1 hr 28 min
    Production Companies Das kleine Fernsehspiel (ZDF)die Film GmbH
    Also Known As
    Die Notärztin (Germany)
    A Matter of Life (United Kingdom)


    Judith is a doctor who is very committed to her profession. Aiming to become a cardiologist, she performs part of her residency in a chronically understaffed hospital emergency room. During a particularly difficult shift, she makes a mistake that causes the death of a patient. Judith is devastated and doubts whether she is suited to the profession. Her fellow doctors, including her partner Mark, advise her to just carry on as before. While Judith’s actions are investigated, she is assigned to ambulance duty. Being in a new environment and having some distance to the clinical routine allow her to see things in a new light.

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