Movie "All-American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story" (2000)

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    " She was the teacher. He was her student. What they learned wasn’t part of the curriculum."
    Runtime 2 hours
    Premiere: World November 23, 2001
    Premiere: USA January 18, 2000
    Production Companies Grosso-Jacobson Productions
    Also Known As


    A teacher is arrested and jailed for raping her 13-year-old student, and twice gives birth to his child.

    Сast and Crew


    Critical reception for All-American Girl was mixed. Charleston Daily Mail praised the film, writing "More than just a tawdry detour into the Jerry Springer/Ricki Lake cesspool of shock value, this film presents a sympathetic look at a confused woman who still contends that Vili is her destined soulmate, the love of her life." The Los Angeles Daily News was more mixed in their review, praising the filmmakers for putting " a little care and thought into their production" and that it did not "waste one's time or aggressively insult one's intelligence" while also stating that the film was "ultimately unsatisfying" and did not "provide much insight into the case". Variety panned the film overall, writing that "USA Network's "The Mary Kay Letourneau Story: All-American Girl" wastes a good opportunity to shed light on some really screwed up people. Despite Penelope Ann Miller's eerie resemblance to Seattle's infamous seductress, this factual telepic about the world's most "giving" teacher offers little insight and is buried underneath overblown production values."

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