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    Gretel & Hansel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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    • 1 R.O.BMidnight Bath 1:25
    • 2 R.O.BWitchcraft 2:09
    • 3 R.O.BEat Me 1:07
    • 4 R.O.BArise 3:08
    • 5 R.O.BAgaric 1:47
    • 6 R.O.BSomniferum 3:49
    • 7 R.O.BMama Gretel 2:19
    • 8 R.O.BChess 1:04
    • 9 R.O.BOutside 1:31
    • 10 R.O.BBy the River 1:34
    • 11 R.O.BRaconteur 3:58
    • 12 R.O.BDoom 1:22
    • 13 R.O.BLast Morning 2:11
    • 14 R.O.BBreaking Witch House 1:01
    • 15 R.O.BBurn 2:59
    • 16 R.O.BKids 4:06
    • 17 R.O.BDoom Opening 3:43


    " A grim fairy tale."
    Runtime 1 hr 24 min
    Budget $5 000 000
    Premiere: World $22 304 357 January 30, 2020
    USA $15 347 654
    Other countries $6 956 703
    Box Office – Budget $17 304 357
    Premiere: USA $15 347 654 January 31, 2020
    first day $2 344 557
    first weekend $6 154 007
    theaters 3007
    rollout 336 days
    Digital: World June 2, 2020
    Parental Advisory Frightening & Intense Scenes, Violence & Gore
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Violence & Gore


    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


    Production Companies Orion PicturesAutomatik EntertainmentBRON Studios
    Also Known As


    A long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

    Сast and Crew


    In October 2018, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that Orion Pictures had started developing a film adaptation of the German folklore tale Hansel and Gretel, with Oz Perkins directing a screenplay he had co-written with Rob Hayes, and Sophia Lillis starring as the lead character. Sinister producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and The Autopsy of Jane Doe producer Fred Berger, partners at Automatik Entertainment, were announced as producers, with Sandra Yee Ling and Macdara Kelleher as executive producers. Hayes eventually received sole screenplay credit.

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    A passable horror reimagining of an old fairy tale. I remember: jumpers, Mary Sue, SJW orientation, neglect of details, unintelligible speech of a witch. Lillis seems to accept all roles in general, although she could have used her temporary super-popularity better. Translated to English


    Atmosphere. Idea. Everyone will have their own message… What am I talking about? Oh yes, a passable movie. Translated to English

    Horror that requires intimate viewing conditions – darkness, silence, loneliness. The visual is unsurpassed, each screenshot can be hung in a frame. Music and sound – kripote, causing itching under the skin. Dialogues seem to be really reading brothers, each sentence is a balm for the soul of a philologist. => Translated to English


    Pretty boring, weird and incomprehensible movie. If anyone likes this kind of movie, then please go watch it. It has a couple of interesting moments, but nothing more. Perhaps I certainly find fault, but if you are interested, then take a look and make up your own opinion. Translated to English


    Extremely stylish and atmospheric. Yes, everything is somewhat lean, and the plot leads the picture to the wrong place closer to the finale, but a pleasant aftertaste after viewing is guaranteed. Translated to English

    Won't Watch

    I squandered it a little and realized that I didn’t want to watch it. Even the atmospheric picture did not seduce me. Translated to English


    A very unusual adaptation, definitely not everyone will like it, but I liked it due to its uniqueness. Translated to English


    Hmm, it was promising, but it turned out … something creepy, with a touch of neurotic feminism … even the girl’s name was rearranged first in the title, making her older and more significant for some reason .. compared to the original by the Brothers Grimm .. Translated to English


    Dk is the direct successor to The Witch (2015)! Only here it’s pg-13 and there’s a lot of nonsense. It’s as if the entire film was filmed under mushrooms, the very ones that allowed themselves to be eaten. Respect to the designer of the witch’s mansion, these are not all sorts of Babka-Hedgehogs in huts on chicken legs… There is something in all of this… Translated to English


    The Lenten fem agenda is about nothing. It felt like I was fed intestines wrapped in marbled beef. Yes, the picture is curiously polished, but there is nothing else to look at. Translated to English


    GG, not knowing how to read, produces philosophical pearls. The screenwriters don’t see boundaries, which is good, but this particular film is stuffed with too much idealistic thoughts, like for a horror film that is not scary at all. The picture is pleasing until the room is filled with a dirty yellow tint. Translated to English


    In short, the director in the list of the Chosen Ones, the original of the Brothers Grimm for re-reading, the local sorceress in the pantheon of the most terrible movie witches. Dixie. Translated to English


    A pro-feminist reimagining of a classic fairy tale. Somewhat psychedelic (fly agarics!) and full of slogans. But there were a lot of beautiful shots with Sophia Lillis Translated to English


    A beautiful and primitive fairy-tale horror in the spirit of the classic Sleepy Hollow Translated to English