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    Runtime 50 min
    Premiere: World May 29, 2000
    Channel Channel 4


    Four friends that are always getting involved in scams and schemes to make some quick money, while trying to stay on the right side of the local crime lord, usually find nothing ever goes to plan.
    e1 — Episode 1  

    …and Four Stolen Hooves

    May 29, 2000 6.6
    e2 — Episode 2  

    …and Two Hundred Smoking Kalashnikovs

    June 6, 2000 6.5
    e3 — Episode 3  

    …and a Fist Full of Jack and Jills

    June 13, 2000 6.6
    e4 — Episode 4  

    …and Spaghetti Sauce

    June 20, 2000 6.1
    e5 — Episode 5  

    …and Two Sips

    June 27, 2000 6.7
    e6 — Episode 6  

    …and One Big Bullock

    July 4, 2000 6.5
    e7 — Episode 7  

    …and a Good Slopping Out

    July 11, 2000 6.8

    Сast and Crew


    Lock, Stock... was Ginger Productions' first commission for television. The series prominently featured the use of the rhyming slang of London's East End, making it harder for some viewers to comprehend. In Australia, the series first aired in 2001 on ABC. In Portugal, the series first aired in 2005 on cable channel SIC Radical. In Germany, the series first aired on cable channel RTL Crime in 2011, under the title Bube, Dame, König, grAS (which in turn, is the German title of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

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