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    C'mon C'mon (Original Motion Picture Score)

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    • 1 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerHere They All Come 2:39
    • 2 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerWho's Taking Care of Jesse? (feat. Feist) 2:05
    • 3 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerThe Orphan 2:31
    • 4 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerHappy Sad Empty Full 2:25
    • 5 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerKids of New York City (feat. Feist) 2:34
    • 6 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerWhy Can't I Just Sleep With You? 1:49
    • 7 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerI'm Not Fine and That's a Totally Reasonable Response (feat. Feist) 2:21
    • 8 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerThe Orphan Returns 1:23
    • 9 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerKids of New Orleans (feat. Feist) 3:31
    • 10 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerYou'll See a Lot of Bad It's Beautiful 3:19
    • 11 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerI Won't Remember? 2:41
    • 12 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerHopper's Theme 2:31
    • 13 Bryce Dessner & Aaron DessnerBe Funny When You Can 3:27


    Runtime 1 hr 49 min
    Premiere: World $4 499 395 November 26, 2021
    USA $1 863 674
    Other countries $2 635 721
    Premiere: USA $1 863 674 October 21, 2021
    first day $47 948
    first weekend $134 447
    theaters 569
    rollout 408 days
    Digital: World December 22, 2021
    Parental Advisory Profanity
    • Profanity


    Production Companies A24Be Funny When You Can


    When his sister asks him to look after her son, a radio journalist embarks on a cross-country trip with his energetic nephew to show him life away from Los Angeles.

    Сast and Crew


    In September 2019, it was announced Joaquin Phoenix had been cast in the film, with Mike Mills directing from a screenplay he wrote, with A24 distributing. In October 2019, Gaby Hoffmann joined the cast of the film.

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    Beautifully filmed and played by talented actors, a nice little conversational film about the problems with the communication of mankind, which is unbearably boring to watch. All this is superimposed with hatred for ill-mannered, unknowing shorties and the way they are worn around here, fu, straight disgusting. Translated to English


    As if a self-pitying hipster decides to shoot a mix of Kikujiro and End of Tour. All these conversations of soft Americans, lost in a forest of three pines and attaching importance to trifles, would definitely infuriate if they were not balanced by the childlike charm of small actors. Translated to English


    Purely festival film for critics, boring and tedious. The boy wanted to beat a hundred times. And poor Joaquin kept admonishing him and admonishing him with burning eyes). On the plus side: camera work and interviews that GG, a radio journalist, takes from teenagers all over the country. Translated to English


    Excellent operator. The types of children are interesting, but not their monologues. Maybe the movie is designed for some paternal-maternal feelings – not mine. The world of the child also does not cling and does not plunge into childhood (I recalled «where the monsters live», where you penetrate). In general, boring sentimental xp Translated to English


    It’s nice to see people talking about all their pens. Only in the movies you see such a miracle. Without psychological guides and moralizing. Just unobtrusively pushing to appreciate loved ones. Translated to English


    The synopsis is deceiving. This is not a road trip at all, but rather an exploration of the child’s soul, a little psychoanalysis and a lot of techniques for working with children. Translated to English


    It seems to me that if you cut out all the interjections and sounds of formulating thoughts in dialogues from the film, you get half an hour of lowing. The intense brain-grinding to come up with the most banal answer possible, and in general the dialogues triggered me incredibly. Translated to English