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    Runtime 1 hour
    Premiere: World November 14, 2021
    Premiere: USA November 14, 2021
    channel Showtime (22:00, United States)
    Parental Advisory Violence & Gore, Frightening & Intense Scenes, Profanity, Sex & Nudity, ...
    • Violence & Gore


    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Profanity


    • Sex & Nudity


    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


    Production Companies Entertainment OneCreative Engine Entertainment


    A wildly talented high school girl soccer team becomes the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the Canadian wilderness.
    2 seasons, 19 episodes 11 hr
    s1: e1— Season 1, Episode 1  


    November 14, 2021 6.5
    s1: e2— Season 1, Episode 2  

    F Sharp

    November 21, 2021 7.4
    s1: e3— Season 1, Episode 3  

    The Dollhouse

    November 28, 2021 6.8
    s1: e4— Season 1, Episode 4  

    Bear Down

    December 5, 2021 6.5
    s1: e5— Season 1, Episode 5  

    Blood Hive

    December 12, 2021 7.1
    s1: e6— Season 1, Episode 6  


    December 19, 2021 6.9
    s1: e7— Season 1, Episode 7  

    No Compass

    December 26, 2021 6.7
    s1: e8— Season 1, Episode 8  

    Flight of the Bumblebee

    January 2, 2022 7.0
    s1: e9— Season 1, Episode 9  


    January 9, 2022 8.0
    s1: e10— Season 1, Episode 10  

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    January 16, 2022 8.0

    Сast and Crew


    In 1996, a team of New Jersey high school soccer players travels to Seattle for a national tournament. While flying over Canada, their plane crashes deep in the wilderness and the remaining team members are left to survive for nineteen months. The series chronicles their attempts to survive while also tracking their current lives in 2021.

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    Rated for idea and atmosphere. But the show was very disappointing! Such an intriguing start, a most interesting non-linear structure … Then an increasingly sluggish narrative and, as a result, a completely moronic ending like with a hook for the new season. Not a single question was answered. That’s not how it’s done. Translated to English


    I started watching, and my wife finished. I don’t see anything terrible, the girls wanted to eat, but there was no food … Translated to English


    I put a point because of the acting: the charming Juliette Lewis, the frightening Christina Ritchie, the shy Melanie Lynskey and the aspiring star Ella Purnel. Of course, there are many controversial issues in the series. I was waiting for something similar to Lord of the Flies at least from episode 3, but damn dragged out Translated to English

    The series and its actors evoke a different spectrum of emotions. In some ways it scares, in some ways it irritates, but in general, I liked the plot, the characters too, it was interesting to follow the story, but of course the story is not finished, the application for the 2nd season. Something between Lost and True Detective, but obviously weaker Translated to English

    Season 1