Movie "The Merry Mishaps of Mr. Bean" (1992)

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    Runtime 1 hour
    Production Companies Tiger Television Productions


    It’s Christmas with Mr. Bean! He first goes shopping at Harrod’s and plays with the Nativity Scene, next he wins a turkey and conducts an orchestra in his own goofy way. Next, when the Christmas tree lot has run out of trees, he takes the big one in town square. On Christmas morning, Mr. Bean finds a stocking in his stocking. Irma, his girl friend, is coming over for dinner and Mr. Bean’s got the turkey on… His head! Irma’s gift to Bean is a classic ship and Bean got her a picture, but she didn’t like it; then, in the next episode, Mr. Bean is staying in a hotel by the sea. He does some renovating, tries some "tainted" clams, and get’s locked out of his room.

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