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    " Breaking Out This November."
    Runtime 1 hr 42 min
    Premiere: World October 19, 2023
    Premiere: USA November 17, 2023
    Digital: World November 21, 2023
    Production Companies NetflixHappy Madison ProductionsNetflix Animation...Screen New South WalesAnimal Logic


    A 74-year-old lizard named Leo and his turtle friend decide to escape from the terrarium of a Florida school classroom where they have been living for decades.

    Сast and Crew

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    I don’t like stories where there is no global conflict as such and where everyone is cute, but this cartoon appealed to me thanks to its good humor. In general, humor is the main thing here, it seems to me. Everything else is lyrics. Translated to English


    Another proof that the Disney-Pixar formula is fading into oblivion – a truly funny, devoid of any agenda, with something to offer both children and adults, a cartoon free from a predictable plot outline, over which in places I laughed like a horse. Translated to English


    A very interesting and I even found it touching cartoon about the unusual and, as it were, philosophical, not quite according to the school curriculum, upbringing of children who so need simple communication in order to feel comfortable and not isolated. Translated to English


    An absolutely wonderful comedy-musical, very inventive cartoon about children and animals. Not vulgar, witty, with excellent voice acting by Sandler. Positive, funny and encouraging. The musical component does not infuriate. Cartoon preschoolers freaks are crazy. I got high, in short. Translated to English


    Good inspiring cartoon. Witty, somewhere bold and original. Devoid of any classic conflict and villain, but at the same time never boring. And Leo himself is cool, like Leopold the cat for the new generation, but not a cat. Translated to English


    In my memory, there has never been such a wonderful cartoon about the problems of teenagers. It’s especially surprising to see this from Sandler. At the same time, important topics are discussed in a childish and adult way. Now I am also in love with this lizard. Animation of small children is beyond praise Translated to English


    An old lizard helps fifth-graders cope with their complexes. An unusual plot, still woven from clichés – what a rarity. The musical does a good job of mocking musicals. Adam Sandler is at the helm, so the level of jokes dances from the bottom to mini-gems. The cartoon has a soul: we laughed and thought Translated to English