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    Elf (Original Motion Picture Score)

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    • 1 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyPapa Elf 1:35
    • 2 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyMain Title 1:59
    • 3 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyBuddy's Journey 2:38
    • 4 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyA Stroll With Buddy 1:32
    • 5 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyChristmas Medley 2:23
    • 6 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyWeird Wonderland 1:34
    • 7 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyThe Frozen Battlefield 1:29
    • 8 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyBuddy's Theme 0:58
    • 9 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonySanta's In Trouble 2:06
    • 10 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyA Walk In the Park 1:01
    • 11 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyAttack of the Little People 1:15
    • 12 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyCentral Park Rangers 2:54
    • 13 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyWorking With Dad 0:36
    • 14 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyA Snowman's Advice 1:47
    • 15 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyShowdown In the Park 3:31
    • 16 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonyBuddy and Santa's Flight 1:15
    • 17 Джон Дебни & Hollywood Studio SymphonySpaghetti and Syrup 1:37


    " A Comedy of Elf-fish Proportions"
    Runtime 1 hr 37 min
    Budget $33 000 000
    Premiere: World $228 936 304 November 7, 2003
    USA $173 840 591
    Other countries $55 095 713
    Box Office – Budget $195 936 304
    Premiere: USA $173 840 591 November 7, 2003
    first weekend $32 100 000
    rollout 424 days
    Digital: World December 17, 2013
    Production Companies New Line CinemaGuy Walks into a Bar ProductionsMosaic...Gold/Miller ProductionsShawn Danielle Productions Ltd.
    Also Known As
    A Enchanted United States


    Raised as an oversized elf, Buddy travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter Hobbs, who doesn’t know he exists and is in desperate need of some Christmas spirit.

    Сast and Crew


    David Berenbaum initially wrote the script in 1993, with Chris Farley and Jim Carrey being early candidates to play Buddy. Berenbaum's screenplay underwent uncredited rewrites by Scot Armstrong, Chris Henchy, and the writing team of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Garry Shandling was offered the role of Walter Hobbs but declined. Wanda Sykes was originally cast as the Gimbels manager Wanda but later dropped out. According to Favreau, the script was initially "much darker" and did not interest him, although he was interested in working with Ferrell's first post-SNL movie. Asked to rewrite it, a turning point came when he realized he could make Buddy's world an homage to the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials. This allowed him to conceive of a movie that could be PG rated as opposed to the original script, which he guessed would have been rated PG-13.

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    There’s a reason why it’s considered a classic of Christmas comedies. Even my dislike for Ferrell didn’t stop me from enjoying this naive, but working, sweet story about family and faith in the holidays. The jokes fit well with the characters. The plot was also harmonious, with a twist. Translated to English


    The inspired film with the Christmas spirit is wonderful for families to believe in miracles. Translated to English


    A typical "manboy" image for Will Farrell, which he uses in almost every film he makes. The humor is mainly based on Spanish shame. Sometimes it’s really funny, sometimes it’s naive and sweet. But overall the film didn’t do very well. But Peter Dinklage’s cameo is very cool. Translated to English


    I can’t believe it’s a 2003 movie. Looks really fresh! Stupid, I won’t argue. But I didn’t expect anything else. The credit for everything goes to Ferrell. He is amused here, and I am sure that without him the miracle would not have happened. Translated to English