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    Howl no Ugoku Shiro

    Runtime 1 hr 59 min
    Budget $24 000 000
    Premiere: World $237 536 126 November 20, 2004
    USA $5 576 743
    Other countries $231 959 383
    Box Office – Budget $213 536 126
    Premiere: USA $5 576 743 June 6, 2005
    first day $368 180
    first weekend $427 987
    theaters 748
    rollout 269 days
    Digital: World September 16, 2022
    Production Companies Nippon Television Network (NTV)Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC)Tokuma Shoten...
    Also Known As


    When an unconfident young woman is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking castle.

    Сast and Crew


    Howl's Moving Castle contains strong anti-war themes, influenced by Miyazaki's distaste for the 2003 Iraq War. When he received an Oscar for Spirited Away, he said that he "had a great deal of rage about [the war]. So [he] felt some hesitation about the award." Miyazaki identifies as a pacifist. On the eve of the Iraq War, Miyazaki decided to make a film that he felt would be poorly received in the United States. Despite the film's success in that country, literary scholar Dani Cavallaro stated that Miyazaki was able to "create a film which ought, in principle, to have caused a certain unease among American audiences." In the movie, Madame Suliman appears to have only sadistic motivations for creating conflict, and despite being omniscient, is unable to recognize the idiocy of the war until the very end of the story. This reflects Miyazaki's desire to show real-world conflicts as also being somewhat arbitrary and fueled by the desires of capricious people. Cavallaro stated that the depiction of the war carried "an unmistakable bitter taste." She also writes that the military presence and warfare was highlighted in the film. From the early concept sketches military elements were emphasized, and when the film shows the bustling commercial district the soldiers in uniforms stand out intentionally.

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