Movie "Mascarade" (2022)

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    Adrien, an attractive dancer whose career was shattered by a motorcycle accident, squanders his youth in idleness. His life changes when he meets Margot, who lives off scams and amorous manipulations.

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    The two-hour running time gets stuck in several chaotic storylines and numerous characters. The adventures of a couple of infantile swindlers are designed to demonstrate another satire on society. Adjani has an interesting grotesque role, she is very organic in it. Translated to English


    Pierre Nine is getting better. An excellent duet with Marina Vakt turned out. One cannot look at Ajani without shuddering. When an actress does not have a face, but a mask without the slightest hint of facial expressions, this is no longer an actress, alas. In comparison with Laura Morante, and they are the same age, the difference is obvious. Translated to English