Animation Movie "Madagascar" (2005)

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    Madagascar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Different stars

    • 1 Hans ZimmerBest Friends 2:24
    • 2 Erick Morillo & Саша Барон КоэнI Like to Move It 3:52
    • 3 The VenturesHawaii Five-O 1:49
    • 4 Earth, Wind & FireBoogie Wonderland 4:48
    • 5 James DooleyWhacked out Conspiracy 2:16
    • 6 VangelisChariots of Fire 3:29
    • 7 Bee GeesStayin' Alive 4:43
    • 8 Hans ZimmerZoosters Breakout 1:39
    • 9 Hans ZimmerBorn Free 1:24
    • 10 Heitor PereiraThe Foosa Attack 0:36
    • 11 Hans Zimmer & James S. LevineBeacon of Liberty 2:09
    • 12 Louis ArmstrongWhat a Wonderful World (Single Version) 2:16


    " Ton On The Run"
    Runtime 1 hr 26 min
    Budget $75 000 000
    Premiere: World $542 063 846 May 25, 2005
    USA $193 595 521
    Other countries $348 468 325
    Box Office – Budget $467 063 846
    Premiere: USA $193 595 521 May 15, 2005
    first day $13 947 637
    first weekend $47 224 594
    rollout 219 days
    Digital: World June 1, 2013
    Production Companies DreamWorks AnimationPacific Data Images (PDI)


    A group of animals who have spent all their life in a New York zoo end up in the jungles of Madagascar, and must adjust to living in the wild.

    Сast and Crew


    According to co-director Tom McGrath, the idea for Madagascar began as a once-sentence prompt, and it took two years of development for the idea to be refined to the point where the four main characters were finalised. In 1998, DreamWorks and PDI had started development on an animated film titled Rockumentary, which featured a Beatles-esque penguin rock band. The idea was scrapped, but after production on Madagascar started, director Eric Darnell decided to revive the penguins, but make them a commando unit instead of a rock band.

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    Memories of the cartoon were better than it actually turned out to be. I can’t say that I’m disappointed – I still enjoyed watching it – but the flat humor every now and then gave me a feeling of Spanish shame. P.S. Malinovskaya voiced Gloria disgustingly. Translated to English


    Great cartoon favorite from childhood. I recently watched it on TV. Delight, like the first time. I recommend getting to know your children. A story about friendship, mutual assistance and the fact that the beast in oneself can be tamed. All you have to do is let the lion try the fish. Peace for everyone! Translated to English