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    Oldboy (Music from the Motion Picture)

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    • 1 Cho Young WookLook Who's Talking 1:39
    • 2 Cho Young WookSomewhere in the Night 1:28
    • 3 Cho Young WookThe Count of Monte Cristo 2:33
    • 4 Cho Young WookJailhouse Rock 1:56
    • 5 Cho Young WookIn a Lonley Place 3:29
    • 6 Cho Young WookIt's Alive! 2:35
    • 7 Cho Young WookThe Searchers 3:29
    • 8 Cho Young WookLook Back in Anger 2:10
    • 9 Cho Young WookRoom at the Top 1:35
    • 10 Cho Young WookCries and Whispers 3:30
    • 11 Cho Young WookOut of Sight 0:59
    • 12 Cho Young WookFor Whom the Bell Tolls 2:44
    • 13 Cho Young WookOut of the Past 1:24
    • 14 Cho Young WookBreathless 4:20
    • 15 Cho Young WookThe Old Boy 3:44
    • 16 Cho Young WookDressed to Kill 2:00
    • 17 Cho Young WookFrantic 3:28
    • 18 Cho Young WookCul-De-Sac 1:31
    • 19 Cho Young WookKiss Me Deadly 3:56
    • 20 Cho Young WookPoint Blank 0:27
    • 21 Cho Young WookFarewell, My Lovely 2:45
    • 22 Cho Young WookThe Big Sleep 1:32
    • 23 Cho Young WookThe Last Waltz 3:21

    Oldeuboi 9

    " 15 years of imprisonment, five days of vengeance"
    Runtime 2 hours
    Budget $3 000 000
    Premiere: World $17 461 329 November 21, 2003
    USA $707 481
    Other countries $16 753 848
    Box Office – Budget $14 461 329
    Premiere: USA $707 481 March 25, 2005
    first weekend $68 957
    theaters 28
    rollout 287 days
    Digital: World September 5, 2023
    Parental Advisory Frightening & Intense Scenes, Violence & Gore, Sex & Nudity, Profanity, ...
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Violence & Gore


    • Sex & Nudity


    • Profanity


    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


    Production Companies Egg FilmsShow East
    Also Known As
    Oldboy (United Kingdom)


    After being kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in five days.

    Сast and Crew

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    Korean classic. In the film, no one divides anyone into "black" and "white"; the viewer empathizes with all the characters. The film will make you think about moral issues. Translated to English


    Of the entire "revenge trilogy,” this film is, of course, the most famous. And deservedly so. A real work of art, a movie that will make you think. And maybe it will change something in you forever. But watch the other two parts. Then you will know about Revenge from all sides. Translated to English


    I don’t understand where there are so many good ratings, you can’t pull the plot on your head Translated to English


    Your main mistake was that you found the answer. It is impossible to find the correct answer to incorrectly posed questions. Translated to English


    A powerful movie that takes your breath away while watching… And it also has a long aftertaste. Translated to English


    I rewatched it 8 years later, and my opinion has not changed at all – 10/10. Definitely the best part of the trilogy, which is why I fell in love with South Korean cinema. PS Saburov really got into the role perfectly. Translated to English


    A brilliant crime thriller about revenge in the diversity of its causes and methods of implementation. Translated to English


    The most popular, kmk, cruel, scary and sad South Korean fairy tale. Gave a point for staging techniques. National cinema Yu.K. – alien and unpleasant, I won’t watch anything else. Translated to English


    Boring arthouse. Lengthy, sleepy, without memorable scenes or dialogues. Apart from the supposed catchphrase about laughter and tears, the main character’s monologues are unremarkable. After reading a bunch of flattering reviews about the film, I was hoping for something more. I don’t know what causes the general euphoria from watching this film… Translated to English