Movie "A Christmas Carol" (2004)

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    A Christmas Carol (Original Soundtrack from the Hallmark TV Production)

    Different stars

    • 1 ChorusMain Titles 2:29
    • 2 Келси ГрэммерJolly Good Time 3:18
    • 3 Келси ГрэммерNothing to Do With Me Part 1 2:22
    • 4 Келси ГрэммерNothing to Do With Me Part 2 3:22
    • 5 Edward GowerYou Mean More to Me 1:59
    • 6 OrchestraMarley’s Visitation 1:51
    • 7 Джейсон АлександерLink By Link 5:34
    • 8 Jane KrakowskiLights of Long Ago 2:30
    • 9 Ruthie HenshallGod Bless Us Every One 2:09
    • 10 Josh WilmottA Place Called Home (Scrooge At 10) 1:47
    • 11 Claire MooreMr.Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball 6:45
    • 12 Дженнифер Лав ХьюиттA Place Called Home 3:43
    • 13 OrchestraMoney Montage - The Engagement Is Off 3:34
    • 14 Jesse L. MartinAbundance and Charity 6:15
    • 15 Келси ГрэммерChristmas Together 8:56
    • 16 Келси ГрэммерDancing On Your Grave 3:20
    • 17 Edward GowerYou Mean More to Me (Reprise) 0:44
    • 18 Келси ГрэммерYesterday, Tomorrow, and Today - God Bless Us All Everyone 4:45
    • 19 Келси ГрэммерWhat a Day, What a Sky 4:46
    • 20 Келси ГрэммерChristmas Together (Reprise) 1:12

    Runtime 1 hr 27 min
    Budget $17 000 000
    Premiere: World December 4, 2004
    Premiere: USA November 28, 2004
    Digital: World November 21, 2023
    Production Companies Hallmark EntertainmentMid Atlantic Films
    Also Known As


    An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by ghosts on Christmas Eve.

    Сast and Crew


    Brian Lowry of Variety called the film "the 37th-best production of 'A Christmas Carol' [he has] ever seen, and the third-best musical version behind Albert Finney in 'Scrooge' and 'Mr. Magoo.'" Lowry had a positive opinion of the visuals and special effects but said the musical numbers "don’t quite measure up to that level." Despite his mixed feelings about the acting of Kelsey Grammer and Jason Alexander, Lowry praised the performances of Jane Krakowski and Jesse L. Martin. Paul Brownfield of the Los Angeles Times praised Grammer's performance of Scrooge, saying "Grammer's natural charisma, even while he's being mean, helps you melt into the whole thing." He also said the actors performing in period costumes gave the film "an air of silliness that [he] found enjoyable if unintended." In addition, Brownfield praised the special effects, the musical numbers and Geraldine Chaplin's acting.

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