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    Les chevaliers du ciel (Bande originale du film)

    Different stars

    • 1 Chris CornerAttack 61 2:51
    • 2 Chris CornerWe Rise 3:11
    • 3 Chris Corner & Sue DenimGonna Wanna 2:52
    • 4 Chris Corner & D-manixSugar Jukebox 2:10
    • 5 Chris Corner & Sue DenimGirl Talk 2:08
    • 6 Chris Corner & Sue DenimYou're the Conversation (I'm the Game) 3:55
    • 7 Chris CornerThe Clash 3:47
    • 8 Chris Corner14th of July 1:48
    • 9 Chris Corner & Sue DenimYou're the Conversation (I'm the Game) 3:02

    Les chevaliers du ciel

    " 'Top Gun' for a new generation."
    Runtime 1 hr 42 min
    Budget €20 000 000
    Premiere: World $10 720 864 November 9, 2005
    Premiere: USA November 7, 2006
    Production Companies Canal+M6 FilmsMandarin Films...Black Forest FilmsOutsider ProductionsCMW Films
    Also Known As
    Sky Fighters (Germany)


    An advanced, armed, French Mirage fighter jet is stolen during an air show in UK. 2 other fighter jets locate it. They’re forced to shoot it down. Terrorists make another attempt to steal armed Mirages. Why?

    Сast and Crew


    At the Farnborough Airshow, a rogue group hijacks a Mirage 2000-10 after killing its pilot. French Air Force pilots Captain Antoine "Walk'n" Marchelli (Benoît Magimel) and Captain Sébastien "Fahrenheit" Vallois (Clovis Cornillac) are instructed to escort it back. When the rogue pilot attempts to fire a missile at Vallois, Marchelli is forced to destroy the stolen Mirage. The French "Special Missions" department, seeking to blackmail Marchelli into working for them, tampers with the video from Marchelli's gun camera. A subsequent court-martial finds Marchelli guilty of destroying the stolen Mirage without provocation and discharges him from the air force, prompting Vallois to resign as well.

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