Movie "Saving the Christmas Goose" (2006)

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    Rettet die Weihnachtsgans

    Runtime 1 hr 33 min
    Premiere: World December 12, 2006
    Production Companies TV-60 FilmproduktionMedienfonds GFPGoldkind Filmproduktion
    Also Known As


    11-year old Jannik lives with his parents on a farm, which like most farms is struggling to stay afloat. Jannik has grown up around animals; his favorite is the goose Hermine, whom he has cared for ever since she was born 5 years ago. She even sleeps in his room. A few days before Christmas, the Secretary of State Helfer himself visits the farm with his wife and daughter Laura. Of all the animals that accidentally cross their path, it turns out to be Hermine that they choose for the main course of their Christmas dinner. Jannik can only stand by and helplessly watch as the family drives off with his beloved Hermine. He tries to confront Laura, who attends his school, but she arrogantly dismisses his protest as silly. After all, who could be that attached to a goose? She ignores him, preferring to spend her time with Peter, the son of her father’s bodyguard Alfred; Peter does his best to keep Jannik away from her. Still, Jannik tries everything to get his goose back and save her from the terrible fate of ending up roasted on a platter. Eventually, Laura begins to take notice of Jannik and the two become friends. Together they decide to rescue Hermine. Christmas is rapidly approaching and all their attempts prove futile, until her parents go on a short trip. But at exactly the same time they’ve planned for the rescue operation, Alfred is planning to break into the Helfers' house and steal a valuable painting--he is not a real bodyguard at all. Now it’s up to Laura, Jannik--and Hermine--to try to stop him.

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