Movie "Fabiola" (1948)

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    " Goddess of Love in a City of Sin!"
    Runtime 2 hr 28 min
    Premiere: World March 3, 1949
    Premiere: USA May 29, 1951
    Production Companies Franco London FilmsUniversalia Film
    Also Known As
    The Fighting Gladiator (United Kingdom)


    In ancient Rome a love story blossoms between Fabiola, daughter of a senator, and Rhual, a Gallic gladiator. After Fabiola’s father is killed, the Romans blame the Christians and the persecution begins. Rhual confesses to being a Christian, is accused of the murder and sentenced to fight to the death in the arena.

    Сast and Crew


    The film earned an estimated $1,050,000 in rentals at the US box office in 1951.

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