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    Tom & Jerry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Разные артисты

    • 1 Christopher LennertzTom and Jerry 0:52
    • 2 Christopher LennertzPark Chase 1:18
    • 3 Christopher LennertzKayla Quits 1:00
    • 4 Christopher LennertzTom and Jerry Arrive 1:22
    • 5 Christopher LennertzJerry's Theme - Meeting Linda 1:56
    • 6 Christopher LennertzTom in Disguise 1:42
    • 7 Christopher LennertzKayla's Tour 2:44
    • 8 Christopher LennertzPreeta & Ben 2:20
    • 9 Christopher LennertzRodentia Is Toast 1:15
    • 10 Christopher LennertzCheese Trap 1:45
    • 11 Christopher LennertzTightrope 1:43
    • 12 Christopher LennertzI Know You 1:50
    • 13 Christopher LennertzCould He Wear a Hat 2:04
    • 14 Christopher LennertzMeet My Enforcer 1:19
    • 15 Christopher LennertzJerry's Spa 1:48
    • 16 Christopher LennertzSpike Drags Terence 1:01
    • 17 Christopher LennertzBetter Cheese Trap 1:52
    • 18 Christopher LennertzRooftop Chat 1:40
    • 19 Christopher LennertzPetnado 2:28
    • 20 Christopher LennertzTerence Fired 2:50
    • 21 Christopher LennertzTerence Watches 1:18
    • 22 Christopher LennertzBridal Chat - Drone 2:24
    • 23 Christopher LennertzLocked Up 2:01
    • 24 Christopher LennertzInterrogation 1:51
    • 25 Christopher LennertzWedding Disaster 6:08
    • 26 Christopher LennertzThe Wedding's Off 2:02
    • 27 Christopher LennertzNew Plan 1:15
    • 28 Christopher LennertzMarried in the Park 2:32
    • 29 Christopher LennertzCat Dog Mouse Fight 0:31
    • 30 Christopher LennertzEnd Credits (Tom and Jerry) 1:26

    Tom & Jerry


    « Best of Enemies. Worst of Friends.»
    Runtime 1 hr 42 min
    Budget $50 000 000
    Premiere: World $136 497 537 February 11, 2021
    USA $46 536 687
    Other countries $89 960 850
    Box Office – Budget $86 497 537
    Premiere: USA $46 536 687 February 26, 2021
    first day $4 048 126
    first weekend $14 112 629
    theaters 2563
    rollout 531 days
    Digital: World May 18, 2021
    Production Companies Hanna-Barbera ProductionsWarner Bros. AnimationLin Pictures ...
    Also Known As
    Tom and Jerry (United States)
    Tom & Jerry: The Movie (United Kingdom)


    A chaotic battle ensues between Jerry Mouse, who has taken refuge in the Royal Gate Hotel, and Tom Cat, who is hired to drive him away before the day of a big wedding arrives.

    Сast and Crew


    Plans for a Tom and Jerry film were announced in 2009, as a live-action/CGI hybrid film, following the success of Alvin and the Chipmunks. It would’ve followed Tom and Jerry's origins over a Chicago backdrop, and would’ve been produced by Dan Lin, from a script written by Eric Gravning.

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    I feel sorry for the children brought up in such a society. Anyway, about the movie. Jerry passing by Tom earning money with his talent is trying to intercept earnings. Kayla, having deceived the specialist, gets a job in a hotel. Why it will be necessary to empathize with an unlearned charlatan is incomprehensible to me. Worse cartoon Translated to English


    I was counting on a more adult and fun version of the adventures of Tom and Jerry. Translated to English


    (The case when you grew up and understand what kind of Jerry is a rat) The film is average. Children may go, but you can’t say the same about adults. Translated to English


    How did it even come to this?! What can this cartoon teach children? Do whatever you want and then just apologize?! I don’t know how it’s all D that they stuck to paint, so I’ll say it easier :)) Don’t show this to children! Translated to English


    A movie that moves only due to the presence of everyone’s favorite characters and flashbacks from the animated series. The most boring, clichéd plot is diluted with Tom and Jerry (drawn beautifully), which can evoke a sense of nostalgia, which I did not have. Translated to English


    The main problem of the film is that the slapstick does not work in it, because of which there was silence in the hall, despite being filled with children. But it was nice to hear the familiar cries of William Hannah , albeit not often. For this, Thomas and Jerome do not raise their hand to give a mark below half the scale. Translated to English

    Director, cast, art… It will be bad. Even worse than Sonic the Movie. Translated to English


    Computer-generated drawing, seriously? It just looks ridiculous. HGM has grown and become unpleasant. And for Peña not the level. The plot is banal and beaten to the bone, and I’m not talking about the relationship of a cat and a mouse. Sweet indigestible spectacle. Translated to English


    Well xs Che so pissed off – quite a good movie for family viewing on a hot summer day. The drawn characters did not annoy, the singing dove is finally a beauty. For Penya and the yard I shoot point-blank, that is, another point. Translated to English


    It is high time to admit that the modern introduction of cartoons in cinema is a failed idea. If in the 90s it looked cool, now it’s somehow quite a pity. The main thing was lost in the film – this is the atmosphere of silent cinema, where events and sound focused on the actions and charisma of the characters. Translated to English


    Eh … I expected more, as it turned out, we have long seen many scenes in the original cartoons, and the story itself is «C grade». Just to be nostalgic… Translated to English


    There is no open hostility or any other negative emotions towards the film, but this is an absolutely unnecessary movie, 20 years late with the release. absolutely do not feel the market. Translated to English