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    " These were the adventures … fighting, laughing and brawling their way from Seattle to Nome! [Australia Theatrical]"
    Runtime 2 hr 2 min
    Budget $3 500 000
    Premiere: World November 17, 1960
    Premiere: USA November 10, 1960
    Digital: World March 1, 2014
    Production Companies Twentieth Century FoxPolyphony Digital
    Also Known As
    Go North (United States)


    During the Alaska gold rush, prospector George sends partner Sam to Seattle to bring his fiancée but when it turns out that she married another man, Sam returns with a pretty substitute, the hostess of the Henhouse dance hall.

    Сast and Crew


    Alaska was admitted to the Union as the 49th state in 1959 and was much in the news at the time. In early 1959 it was announced 20th Century Fox would make The Alaskans starring John Wayne and written by Martin Rackin and John Lee Mahin (the three men had just made The Horse Soldiers together). The film was the first in a three-movie contract for Wayne with 20th Century Fox.

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