Movie "Seven Thieves" (1960)

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    " They Will Hold You Like a Pointed Gun! "Al Capone" and "Little Caesar" in the most fabulous robbery that ever rocked Monte Carlo!"
    Runtime 1 hr 42 min
    Budget $1 650 000
    Premiere: World March 11, 1960
    Premiere: USA March 12, 1960
    Digital: World April 21, 2009
    Production Companies Twentieth Century Fox


    A motley crew of professional thieves plans the robbery of a Monte Carlo casino vault.

    Сast and Crew


    A discredited expatriate American professor, Theo Wilkins, has called on a young protégé and sophisticated thief, Paul Mason, to come over from the US to the south of France and help him pull off one final heist. He has masterminded a caper to steal $4,000,000 in French francs from the underground vault of the casino of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Wilkins has recruited a team of thieves – including Melanie, an exotic dancer – but he needs someone he can trust, Mason, to keep them all in line during the crime.

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