Movie "The Leather Boys" (1964)

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    " the frustrations of sexual conflict …"
    Runtime 1 hr 48 min
    Premiere: World January 23, 1964
    Premiere: USA November 8, 1965
    Production Companies Raymond Stross Productions


    An immature teenager marries a young biker but becomes disenchanted with the realities of working class marriage and her husband’s relationship with his best friend.

    Сast and Crew


    The book was published in 1961 under the pseudonym Eliot George—an inversion of the pen-name of the famous 19th century female author, Mary Ann Evans, who published as George Eliot. Freeman is credited under her own name in the film as the author of the screenplay based on the novel of "Eliot George". The original novel is explicit about the sexual relationship between the two male characters, and about the odds that the hero's wife is pregnant by another man. It also portrays the gang to which they belong as a criminal network, and ends with a botched robbery committed by the two main characters. The first paperback edition had a cover that featured Mike Leigh, the now famous film director, as a photographic model of one of the main characters.

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