Movie "The Divided Heaven" (1964)

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    Der geteilte Himmel

    Runtime 1 hr 56 min
    Premiere: World October 2, 1964
    Production Companies Deutsche Film (DEFA)
    Also Known As
    The Divided Heaven (United Kingdom)


    In 1961, Rita returns to her childhood village after a breakdown. As she recovers, she remembers the past two years: her love for chemist Manfred, 10 years her senior; his enthusiasm about his new chemical process, which turned to bitter disappointment in the face of rejection; his escape to West Berlin a few weeks before the Wall was built; and his hope that she would follow him. This East German classic, praised by critics as one of Germany’s 100 Most Important Films, is based on Christa Wolf’s internationally-known novel, criticized in the GDR for questioning the construction of the Wall. Produced during a brief cultural thaw in the early 1960s, this film was strongly influenced by French Nouvelle Vague cinema.

    Сast and Crew


    The film's script was adapted from Christa Wolf's novel Der geteilte Himmel (Divided Heaven), released in 1963. Director Konrad Wolf (no relation to Christa Wolf's husband Gerhard Wolf) had read the author's manuscript before the book was published and decided to film it. The main filming took place in Halle from late 1963 to early 1964.

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