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    Our Man Flint (Original Motion Picture Score)

    Different stars

    • 1 Jerry GoldsmithOur Man Flint 1:48
    • 2 Jerry GoldsmithNever Mind, You'd Love It 2:13
    • 3 Jerry GoldsmithIt's Gotta Be a World's Record 2:23
    • 4 Jerry GoldsmithMan Does Not Live By Bread Alone 2:19
    • 5 Jerry GoldsmithTake Some Risks, Mr. Flint? 1:43
    • 6 Jerry GoldsmithTell Me More About That Volcano 2:48
    • 7 Jerry GoldsmithYou're a Foolish Man, Mr. Flint 1:49
    • 8 Jerry GoldsmithIn Like Flint 2:00
    • 9 Jerry GoldsmithDoing As the Romans Did 2:14
    • 10 Jerry GoldsmithGalaxy a Go-Go!-or-Leave It to Flint 2:18
    • 11 Jerry GoldsmithAll I Have to Do Is Take a Bite of Your Apple? 2:16
    • 12 Jerry GoldsmithStall! Stall! Flint's Alive 2:09

    " The ORIGINAL man of mystery!"
    Runtime 1 hr 48 min
    Budget $3 525 000
    Premiere: World February 26, 1966
    Box Office – Budget $12 475 000
    Premiere: USA $16 000 000 January 16, 1966
    Digital: World September 18, 2012
    Production Companies Twentieth Century Fox


    When scientists use eco-terrorism to impose their will on the world by affecting extremes in the weather, Intelligence Chief Cramden calls in top agent Derek Flint.

    Сast and Crew


    Coburn later said "“I credit the producer, Saul David, for the Flint films. He was responsible for the whole thing. He also cast me in the role. Of course, it was a spoof of the Bond and all the other spy films released at the time. What I liked about Flint was that he was his own man. He trained himself. We tried to work from that theme. It must have worked... after all the film was a very big hit.”

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