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    La délicatesse 1

    " A new romantic comedy about Love, Fate and other Delicacies."
    Runtime 1 hr 48 min
    Budget €6 800 000
    Premiere: World $11 597 420 December 21, 2011
    USA $498 584
    Other countries $11 098 836
    Premiere: USA $498 584 March 16, 2012
    Digital: World September 25, 2012
    Production Companies Canal+Ciné+France 2 Cinéma...StudioCanalPanache ProductionsBanque Postale Image 42.4.7. FilmsLa Compagnie Cinématographique EuropéennePalatine Étoile 8
    Also Known As
    Delicacy United Kingdom


    A French woman mourning over the death of her husband three years prior is courted by a Swedish co-worker.

    Сast and Crew


    Émilie Simon provided much of the original music for the film, and she has a 'flash cameo' just before 1:19 into the film.

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    The film definitely has its own audience – those who have read Fonkinos' book and those who love good dramas. The undoubted advantage of the film is the acting. Audrey Tautou plays out emotions coolly. Francois Damiens can do different things. I advise you to get acquainted – the tape carries light and romance. Translated to English