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Mannix — 6 season, 3 series

1967 — 1975

Season 6


The Crimson Halo

October 1, 1972 
3 / 24
52 min
Production Companies Paramount Television


Mannix is hired by attorney Noah Otway to find out why someone tried to kill Otway’s client, Dr. Graham Aspinall, a renowned surgeon whose specialty is removing tumors that are otherwise believed to be inoperable. Despite the doctor’s denials that anyone has a motive to kill him, Mannix comes to believe otherwise when he barely saves Aspinall from a second attempt on his life. And Mannix discovers that there are several people who might have a motive to kill Dr. Aspinall -- including the second-in-command at his medical institute; the boyfriend of one of Aspinall’s research assistants; and even his wife.

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