Movie "The Color of Pomegranates" (1968)

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    Цвет граната

    " Besides the film language of Griffith & Eisenstein cinema hasn’t discovered anything revolutionary new until The Color of Pomegranates – Mikhail Vartanov"
    Runtime 1 hr 14 min
    Premiere: World October 1969
    Premiere: USA September 2014
    Digital: World October 2, 2012
    Parental Advisory Sex & Nudity
    • Sex & Nudity


    Production Companies ArmenfilmYerevan Film Studio
    Also Known As
    Red Pomegranate (United States)


    A surreal biopic of Armenian poet Sayat Nova, told via non-narrative amalgamations of images, hailed as revolutionary by Mikhail Vartanov.

    Сast and Crew

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