Movie's ratings

    " Bad men… Bad ladies… Bad horses…"
    Runtime 1 hr 32 min
    Budget $750 000
    Premiere: World April 17, 1969
    Premiere: USA March 26, 1969
    Digital: World August 21, 2008
    Production Companies Cherokee ProductionsThree Pictures
    Also Known As
    The Sheriff United States


    In the old west, a man becomes a Sheriff just for the pay, figuring he can decamp if things get tough. In the end, he uses ingenuity instead.

    Сast and Crew


    Support Your Local Sheriff! was the first producing effort by Garner and his Cherokee production company, completed on a "shoestring" budget of $750,000. Early in pre-production, Paramount Pictures threatened a lawsuit as the studio contended that the first scene was "lifted" from their musical Paint Your Wagon (1969) where a similar gold mine discovery is featured. Eventually, Garner was able to show where the original screenplay had found its source material, and the lawsuit went away.

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