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    " …is the story of the love that changed the world forever!"
    Runtime 3 hr 3 min
    Budget $9 000 000
    Premiere: World November 29, 1971
    Premiere: USA December 13, 1971
    Digital: World November 20, 2012
    Production Companies Horizon Pictures


    Tsar Nicholas II, the inept last monarch of Russia, insensitive to the needs of his people, is overthrown and exiled to Siberia with his family.

    Сast and Crew


    Producer Spiegel tackled Nicholas and Alexandra when he was shut out from working with director David Lean on Doctor Zhivago, which was also set against the backdrop of revolutionary Russia. Spiegel had alienated Lean when the two worked together on the film Lawrence of Arabia, pressing the perfectionist director in order to get the movie finished on time. Spiegel initially tried to make Nicholas and Alexandra without buying the rights to the book by Robert K. Massie, claiming that the historical account was in public domain but, eventually, Spiegel purchased the rights and hired writer James Goldman to adapt Massie's book as a screenplay.

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