Movie "Yuka" (1974)

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    Maciste contre la reine des Amazones

    Runtime 1 hr 28 min
    Premiere: World May 15, 1974
    Production Companies Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP)
    Also Known As
    The Lustful Amazon United Kingdom
    The Lustful Amazons United States


    In medieval France, traveler Pygar tells he-man Karzan (Maciste in the French version) of his recent journey to a place called Antigua, and of its entire community of Amazons promising undreamed of sexual satisfaction to any man who comes upon them. More importantly, Pygar tells of a fortune in gold. Karzan/Maciste, is persuaded to undertake the journey in search of riches, unaware that Pygar is in collusion with the Amazon Queen to actually deliver Maciste as a slave stud to help rejuvenate the race. The expedition is ambushed, Maciste is placed into the Amazons' service, and Pygar, along with one of the Amazon women, Yuka, attempt to swipe a fortune in gold for themselves.

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