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    The Sting (25th Anniversary Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Different stars

    • 1 Marvin HamlischSolace (The Sting Soundtrack Version - Orchestra Version) 3:35
    • 2 Marvin HamlischThe Entertainer (The Sting Soundtrack Version - Orchestra Version) 3:03
    • 3 Marvin HamlischEasy Winners (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 2:45
    • 4 Marvin HamlischHooker's Hooker (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 2:49
    • 5 Marvin HamlischLuther (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 3:10
    • 6 Marvin HamlischPineapple Rag / Gladiolus Rag (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 2:33
    • 7 Marvin HamlischThe Entertainer (The Sting Soundtrack Version) [Piano Version] 2:34
    • 8 Marvin HamlischThe Glove (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 1:50
    • 9 Marvin HamlischLittle Girl (feat. Bobby Bruce) [The Sting Soundtrack Version] 2:02
    • 10 Marvin HamlischPineapple Rag (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 2:37
    • 11 Marvin HamlischMerry Go Round Music: (Listen to the Mockingbird / Darling Nellie Gray / Turkey In the Straw) 2:46
    • 12 Marvin HamlischSolace (The Sting Soundtrack Version) [Piano Version] 3:34
    • 13 Marvin HamlischThe Entertainer / Rag Time Dance (The Sting Soundtrack Version) 3:41


    " Recapture "the STING Experience". REMEMBER HOW GOOD THE FEEL WAS THE FIRST TIME (re-release)"
    Runtime 2 hr 9 min
    Budget $5 500 000
    Premiere: World December 25, 1973
    Box Office – Budget $150 500 000
    Premiere: USA $156 000 000 December 25, 1973
    rollout 738 days
    Digital: World February 17, 2020
    Production Companies Universal PicturesZanuck/Brown Productions


    Two grifters team up to pull off the ultimate con.

    Сast and Crew


    Screenwriter David S. Ward has said in an interviews that he was inspired to write The Sting while doing research on pickpockets, saying "Since I had never seen a film about a confidence man before, I said I gotta do this." Daniel Eagan explained: "One key to plots about con men is that film goers want to feel they are in on the trick. They don't have to know how a scheme works, and they don't mind a twist or two, but it's important for the story to feature clearly recognizable 'good' and 'bad' characters." It took a year for Ward to correctly adjust this aspect of the script and to figure out how much information he could hold back from the audience while still making the leads sympathetic. He also imagined an underground brotherhood of thieves who assemble for a big operation and then melt away after the "mark".

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    One of those first films that later gave rise to all these Ocean’s friends. And with Paul Newman and Robert Redford to boot. Great movie. Translated to English


    A pleasant stylization and the forerunner (well, one of) all adventurous comedies. The tandem of Redford and Newman is one of the best, there is always crazy chemistry between them. And in general, this is a very acting movie. It’s a shame Hill didn’t use the witty Goldman to write the script. Translated to English


    A reference adventurous movie with its own charm, diluted with humor, tense scenes and twists. Even after a bunch of similar films that came out after, the film looks great, although it is good largely due to the charm of R. Redford. Translated to English


    As for me, the film is drawn out and because of this it seems boring to me, some scenes were unnecessary. But there are also a lot of excellent solutions (the same cool hand-drawn screensavers), an interesting plot, an atmosphere of the 30s and an adventurous spirit. 6.5/10 Translated to English