Movie «God's Gun» (1976)

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    Diamante Lobo

    « Two Brothers… One Took the Cross… The Other Took the Gun.»
    Runtime 1 hr 34 min
    Premiere: World May 6, 1977
    Premiere: USA March 1977
    Digital: World October 21, 2009
    Production Companies Dunamis CinematograficaRovi


    A priest and his twin brother take turns defending a small town from the vicious Clayton gang.

    Сast and Crew


    Richard Boone walked off the film before it was completed leaving his role to be dubbed by another actor. In an interview with Cleveland Amory in Israel in May 1976, Boone told Amory: "I'm starring in the worst picture ever made. The producer is an Israeli and the director is Italian, and they don't speak. Fortunately it doesn't matter, because the director is deaf in both ears."

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