Movie "The Shaggy D.A." (1976)

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    " It’s Laughter By The Pound! You’ll Roll Over, Sit Up, And Beg For More!"
    Runtime 1 hr 31 min
    Premiere: World July 24, 1977
    Premiere: USA December 17, 1976
    Digital: World October 19, 2011
    Production Companies Walt Disney Productions


    Wilby Daniels, now all grown up and running for district attorney, finds himself once again turning into a shaggy dog at inopportune moments.

    Сast and Crew


    A. H. Weiler of The New York Times wrote, "Naturally, the story line is incredible and convoluted enough to give an uninhibited cast plenty of opportunities to clown for, unfortunately, a minimum of real laughs... Despite all the athletic goings-on, 'The Shaggy D.A.' does turn into a dog too often for comfort." Roger Ebert gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four and called it "one of Disney's better recent efforts." Gene Siskel awarded three stars out of four and declared it "far better than most of the live-action comedies to come out of the studio in recent years. Don Tait actually has written a cute script that gives adults in the audience a few laughs while watching the inevitable and unending pratfalls designed for the kids." Variety wrote that the film "looks like a comparable commercial winner. It has all the elements of smooth and sunny comedy that Disney does best, and it marks a return to top studio craftsmanship after a few uneven pix of late." Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "'The Shaggy D.A.' is right off the assembly line, but it is still the most competent line of its kind." Gary Arnold of The Washington Post called the film "a surprisingly snappy and diverting Disney farce." Jill Forbes of The Monthly Film Bulletin called it "dully scripted and poorly paced, and so frequently interrupted by set pieces (the pie fight and Tim's attempt to make his dog talk) that it never succeeds in exploiting a situation which is gratuitous when it is not gruesome."

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