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    The Black Hole (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Different stars

    • 1 John BarryOverture 2:25
    • 2 John BarryMain Title 1:46
    • 3 John BarryThe Door Opens 3:36
    • 4 John BarryZero Gravity 5:46
    • 5 John BarrySix Robots 1:57
    • 6 John BarryDurant Is Dead 2:30
    • 7 John BarryStart the Countdown 3:46
    • 8 John BarryLaser 2:17
    • 9 John BarryInto the Hole 4:52
    • 10 John BarryEnd Title: The Black Hole 2:31

    " There is an inexorable force in the cosmos, a place where time and space converge. A place beyond man’s vision…but not beyond his reach."
    Runtime 1 hr 38 min
    Budget $20 000 000
    Premiere: World December 18, 1979
    Box Office – Budget $15 841 901
    Premiere: USA $35 841 901 December 20, 1979
    rollout 749 days
    Digital: World August 14, 2012
    Parental Advisory Frightening & Intense Scenes, Profanity, Violence & Gore
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Profanity


    • Violence & Gore


    Production Companies Walt Disney Productions
    Also Known As
    Space Probe United States


    A research vessel finds a missing ship, commanded by a mysterious scientist, on the edge of a black hole.

    Сast and Crew


    In the wake of several successful disaster films such as The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974), writers Bob Barbash and Richard Landau approached Disney Studios executive story editor Frank Paris with the idea for a space-themed disaster film tentatively titled Space Station 1. The writers showed Paris a preliminary sketch of their idea, and the idea was later pitched to Ron Miller, who assigned longtime studio producer Winston Hibler to help develop the project. An idea of Hibler was for a black hole to be featured in the story. After nearly a year of work on the project, Hibler was not satisfied with the later story drafts, so William Wood was added to rework the script. Ultimately, Hibler retired from Disney Studios. The project was later shelved until late 1975 when development resumed on the project now re-titled Space Probe 1. In 1976, Hibler returned from retirement, and suggested to Miller to hire conceptual artist Robert McCall to create some pre-production visuals to help focus the story and explore some possible ideas.

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