Movie "The Garage" (1979)

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    Runtime 1 hr 35 min
    Premiere: World March 10, 1980
    Production Companies Mosfilm
    Also Known As
    The Garage United Kingdom


    Meeting of the garage cooperative must exclude four own members because of a new highway’s building. After the meeting it becomes clear that the exit door is closed by one of the members, who requires an equitable solution.

    Сast and Crew


    Director Eldar Ryazanov got the idea for the movie after a meeting for the parking garage co-operative of Mosfilm employees. The director expected the meeting to last only 30 minutes, but it instead lasted the whole day. He returned in a state of shock because of the way that the artists, including those with reputations as decent and intelligent people, behaved when they learned that some of them would have to give up their parking spots. Even members whose names were famousnot only in the country but also worldwideresorted to insults and verbal attacks to defend their parking spots. Afterwards, Ryazanov felt guilty because he did not stand up for those who lost their parking spots.

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