Movie "The Kidnapping of the President" (1980)

    Movie's ratings

    " Unthinkable. Improbable. Incredible… but it could happen tomorrow!"
    Runtime 1 hr 54 min
    Budget CA$ 3 500 000
    Premiere: World September 19, 1980
    Premiere: USA August 15, 1980
    Production Companies Sefel FilmsPresidential Films


    Based on the novel by Charles Templeton, a secret service chief leads a game of cat and mouse when a gang of third-world terrorists kidnap the President.

    Сast and Crew


    During a state visit to Canada, President Adam Scott (Hal Holbrook) is warned by Secret Service agent Jerry O'Connor (William Shatner) about a potential threat to his life. Scott ignores O'Connor's warning and is consequently abducted (while walking through Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto) by South American terrorist Roberto Assanti (Miguel Fernandes) and his female accomplice. They demand $100 million in diamonds along with two airplanes as ransom for the president's safe return.

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