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    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

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    • 1 DonovanSeason of the Witch (Bonus Track) 4:54
    • 2 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichOpening (Sarah's Theme) 1:46
    • 3 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichForrest Chase 1:15
    • 4 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichSarah's Room 2:07
    • 5 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichHospital Visit 1:00
    • 6 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichBig Toe 3:04
    • 7 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichBloody Finger 2:09
    • 8 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichHarold 1:43
    • 9 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichLooking for Red Room 1:45
    • 10 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichPale Lady 2:24
    • 11 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichThe Book Reads Us 3:14
    • 12 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichThe Red Spot 2:27
    • 13 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichPhone Call 1:39
    • 14 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichMe Tie - Doughy Walker 3:33
    • 15 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichJangly Car Chase 1:07
    • 16 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichAlternate World 2:15
    • 17 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichStories Heal Stories Hurt 3:08
    • 18 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichWhat Stella Learned 1:50
    • 19 Marco Beltrami & Anna DrubichThe End 1:28


    " Based on the iconic book series."
    Runtime 1 hr 43 min
    Budget $25 000 000
    Premiere: World $104 545 505 August 7, 2019
    USA $68 947 075
    Other countries $35 598 430
    Box Office – Budget $79 545 505
    Premiere: USA $68 947 075 August 9, 2019
    first day $8 781 643
    first weekend $20 915 346
    rollout 145 days
    Digital: World October 22, 2019
    Parental Advisory Frightening & Intense Scenes, Violence & Gore
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Violence & Gore


    • Profanity


    Production Companies Entertainment OneCBS FilmsDouble Dare You (DDY)...HivemindSierra / AffinityStarlight Culture EntertainmentStarlight MediaCanadian Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC)1212 EntertainmentRoling Hills Productions
    Also Known As
    講鬼故 Hong Kong


    In 1968, the night of Halloween brings mayhem in a small town when a group of friends discovers a notebook written by a mysterious girl that foretells terrifying events.

    Сast and Crew


    In 2013, CBS Films acquired the rights to the Alvin Schwartz's children's book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark from 1212 Entertainment, with the intent of producing it as a potential feature film. It was announced in 2014 that writer John August had been set to pen a film version.

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    The creators were clearly inspired by the success of It' (2017) scrupulously building the atmosphere of Stephen King’s books. Albeit with a bunch of clichés, they even partially succeeded. However, in "It" there was a well-written antagonist, and here there is only a blurry image of an unjust victim, and a broken cliché finale Translated to English


    An adaptation of a classic collection of children’s horror stories, the script doesn’t have enough stars in the sky, but the strong direction and cool design of the monsters pull it out. And there are creepy moments in the film, it’s just that the through-line storyline is so… none, "It" is at the absolute minimum. Translated to English


    The stories are stupid, the youngsters play so-so, the monsters are very cheap. In general, even del Toro as a screenwriter and producer can’t help. 5.5. Translated to English


    As a children’s light horror story, it will probably do, but I only remember the omnipresent smile from the corridor and the monster constructor. Overall – mediocre Translated to English


    American youth are tested for strength by mystical horrors in 1968 Translated to English


    An excellent teen scare with funny monsters and predictable problems from del Toro. Translated to English

    Children’s stories to tell in the dark. But the movie justified the popcorn trip to the cinema. Translated to English


    This is not an anthology film a la Kaleidoscope of Horrors, but a linear PG-13 horror film, diluted with creepy scenes with monsters. It’s well-produced, but the film’s plot is too simple, and the horror stories are secondary. Plus, the ending makes you want to vomit rainbows. That’s what they are, horror films for teenagers( Translated to English


    Oh, I wish I had seen this when I was in puberty. A teenage horror movie with a couple of faces that would keep me awake for a long time if I were 14 again now. Eh, everything is decaying. Translated to English