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    Runtime 1 hr 16 min
    Premiere: World August 25, 1983
    Premiere: USA $11 798 616 July 15, 1983
    theaters 245
    rollout 170 days
    Production Companies Orion PicturesJack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions
    Also Known As


    "Documentary" about a man who can look and act like whoever he’s around, and meets various famous people.

    Сast and Crew


    Allen used newsreel footage, and inserted himself and other actors into it, using bluescreen technology. To provide an authentic look to his scenes, Allen and cinematographer Gordon Willis used a variety of techniques, including locating some of the antique film cameras and lenses used during the eras depicted in the film, and even going so far as to simulate damage, such as crinkles and scratches, on the negatives to make the finished product look more like vintage footage. The virtually seamless blending of old and new footage was achieved almost a decade before digital filmmaking technology made such techniques in films like Forrest Gump (1994) and various television advertisements much easier to accomplish.

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    One joke and an entourage stretched throughout the entire film. It starts to get boring quite quickly and eventually becomes very boring when watching. Allen’s rather passable film. Translated to English