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    " Owen asked his friend, Larry, for a small favor…"
    Runtime 1 hr 28 min
    Budget $14 000 000
    Premiere: World December 26, 1987
    Box Office – Budget $43 915 972
    Premiere: USA $57 915 972 December 11, 1987
    theaters 1623
    rollout 387 days
    Digital: World April 13, 2014
    Parental Advisory Profanity, ...
    • Profanity


    • Frightening & Intense Scenes


    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


    • Violence & Gore


    • Sex & Nudity


    Production Companies Orion PicturesRollins, Morra & BreznerThrow Momma


    A bitter ex-husband wants his former spouse dead. A put-upon momma’s boy wants his mother dead. Who will pull it off?

    Сast and Crew


    In June 1987, Warner Bros. and Orion Pictures made a tradeoff agreement to facilitate the filming of the movie, as well as the development of Arthur 2: On the Rocks, which was supplied for Warner Bros., and the deal was provided by producer Larry Brezner, who produced the movie as well as the original Arthur, and in return to use permission from Strangers on a Train, a 1951 Warner Bros. film, Brezner's production company surrendered the remake and sequel rights of the 1981 film Arthur to Warner Bros., which the original Arthur rights were jointly owned by Rollins, Joffe, Morra and Brezner and Warner Bros., and the Warners could not have proceeded with the Arthur sequel without the consent of Brezner's company.

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    It is said that if Hitchcock made a comedy, it would be approximately like this, a worthy version. Translated to English


    Strange murders and a strange friendship in one dark story with DeVito. This little guy is so wonderful in his own comedy, his every antics, although, in fact, resembles a mental disorder, but his easy presentation and skillful acting turn everything into laughter. A sweet and fleeting movie. Translated to English