Movie "Night Eyes II" (1991)

    Movie's ratings

    " You never know whos watching.. Watchings dangerous, Touchings deadly."
    Runtime 1 hr 37 min
    Premiere: World April 24, 1992
    Premiere: USA March 5, 1992
    Digital: World September 13, 2018
    Production Companies Prism PicturesAmritraj Productions
    Also Known As
    Night Eyes 2 United States


    Security expert Will Griffith has been hired to secure the mansion of South American expatriate Hector Mejenes, upon the insistence of his American wife, Marilyn.

    Сast and Crew


    Will Griffith (Andrew Stevens) is hired to secure and protect the mansion of South American diplomat Héctor Mejenes (Richard Chaves), following attempts on his life. However, his wife Marilyn (Shannon Tweed) ends up attracted to Will.

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