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    Beomjoe dosi 3 2

    Runtime 1 hr 45 min
    Budget $10 000 000
    Premiere: World $83 410 298 May 31, 2023
    USA $909 411
    Other countries $82 500 887
    Box Office – Budget $73 410 298
    Premiere: USA $909 411 June 2, 2023
    first weekend $192 568
    theaters 41
    rollout 386 days
    Production Companies BA EntertainmentHong FilmBig Punch Pictures
    Also Known As
    The Roundup: No Way Out United Kingdom


    Seven years after the roundup in Vietnam, Ma Seok-do joins a new squad to investigate a murder case. He soon starts to dig deeper when he finds out the case involves a synthetic drug and a gang of thugs.

    Сast and Crew

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    Everything is the same and the films begin to choke in self-repetitions, but the way Ma Dong Seok distributes lyuli is endless to watch. He easily carries the film, even if it is weaker than the previous ones, and turns the franchise into a little gem. Will I watch the next two? Necessarily. Translated to English


    In such films there is no special plot, and everything else is on par. Ma Dong Seok and his lyuli are very cool, just Bad Spencer in Korean. I even felt a little nostalgia, and I wanted to rewatch something like "The Big Man." Translated to English