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    Runtime 54 min
    Premiere: USA August 18, 1993
    Channel CBS (21:00, United States)
    Production Companies CBS


    This intriguing tale, where the "good-guy" isn’t always good, begins in the Spartan cell of a small town jail. Old Ned Blessing, having lived a long and tumultuous life awaits a rendezvous with the hangman’s noose. While waiting to pay for his doings and misdeeds, he is spending his last days writing an account of his exploits.
    5 episodes 7 hr 55 min
    e1 — Episode 1  

    Return to Plum Creek

    August 18, 1993 6.5
    e2 — Episode 2  

    A Ghost Story

    August 25, 1993
    e3 — Episode 3  

    The Smink Brothers

    September 1, 1993
    e4 — Episode 4  


    September 8, 1993
    e5 — Episode 5  

    Return of the Hooded Man

    September 15, 1993

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