Movie "Public Access" (1993)

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    " Is it wise to talk to strangers?"
    Runtime 1 hr 30 min
    Budget $250 000
    Premiere: World November 9, 1996
    Digital: World October 15, 2009
    Production Companies CinemabeamKenneth Kokin/Adam Ripp productions


    Brewster seems to be an almost too-perfect example of idyllic small-town America, with everyone living in peace and harmony. So when newcomer Whiley Pritcher starts up his own local cable TV show with the question "What's wrong with Brewster?", there surely can’t be any deep dark secrets in the town that are just waiting to come to the surface--can there? And when the question becomes "Who's wrong with Brewster?" things get seriously nasty.

    Сast and Crew


    Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie, and Michael Feit Dougan wrote the screenplay for Public Access. Singer directed the screenplay in 1992 on a budget of $250,000 and with a schedule of 18 days. The crew used leftover film stock from Bram Stoker's Dracula and Hoffa. The director recalled the production experience, "Chris and I look at that film and wince a little. Part of our reaction is, 'Wow, look what we did then. It was so small and undeveloped.' Part of it is reliving the circumstances of the days we filmed each scene. This production was fraught with 100 times more turmoil than Usual Suspects—every day was a crisis. And then we also feel very nostalgic about it." Singer compared Public Accesss themes to his follow-up film The Usual Suspects, "The two films are similar in the notion of things not always being what they seem. They're also about audiences' projections on a stranger. In many ways, Verbal in The Usual Suspects is an extension of Whiley, by being a foil for our projections. Both films are about telling stories and provoking, which segues into my style—using sound and images and music to create tension."

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